By Kim Glovas

By Kim Glovas

HOLLAND, Pa. (CBS) – A local high school is, once again, teaming up with NASA on designing hardware that could benefit astronauts on the International Space Station.

Council Rock South’s after school club, the Rock Rovers, was part of NASA’s Zero Gravity project last year. The club created a robot, sent it up in zero gravity and moved it with jet thrusters.

Now the team is looking ahead. Gerry Fetter is one of the club faculty advisers.

“What they are doing is looking at using a lighter material to build it out of and increasing the thrust of the jet. By doing that we’ll get more motion, faster acceleration. They’re also looking at redesigning the body style,” says Fetter.

The team won an alternate spot in NASA’s HUNCH program, High School Students United with NASA, to Create Hardware. Fetter says these students are incredibly motivated.

“The students have been meeting pretty much every day after school to work on not only the robot, but also to brainstorm ideas to help the astronauts on board the International Space Station,” Fetter explains.