By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – What you’re about to read is both very funny, and very, very silly. Consider this a disclaimer. If you’re not interested in either, do not proceed.

Hugh Douglas is a former Pro Bowl defensive end for the Philadelphia Eagles, and is currently an analyst for ESPN.

Hugh Douglas’ nickname is not Turbo Bird, and it has never been Turbo Bird.

One day in early August, a person, known only as “CraneKicker” on Twitter,  addressed Douglas as Turbo Bird for no reason other than CraneKicker likes being silly and messing with celebrities.

As it turned out, Douglas did not like being called Turbo Bird, and got into a few arguments with people who decided they also liked the nickname.

If all of this sounds crazy to you, I get it. I understand. For a better wrap up of what happened, check out The Complex Philly (read Former Eagle Hugh Douglas HATES His Totally Fake Nickname).

To further torment Douglas with the nickname, someone (@FanSince09, looking at you), purchased a sponsorship on Douglas’ Pro Football Reference page, calling him Turbo Bird.

That brings us to Tuesday, when the ESPN show Sports Nation was running a contest on Twitter, and said this:

Perhaps whomever running the contest saw the ad on Pro Football Reference. Perhaps it was the reference to Turbo Bird on Hugh Douglas’ Wikipedia page, which states “during his time in Philadelphia, he was affectionately known as Turbobird.”

I know two things, first, whether he likes it or not, Hugh Douglas has a nickname, and it’s Turbo Bird.
And second, I will never, ever call him that to his face.