5:40 Paul Ryan responded to Joe Biden’s comments that the middle class has been buried for the last four years.

5:45 A judge has postponed Pennsylvania’s voter ID law, which will now take effect after the election.

6:10 Chris revisits his interview yesterday with Ann Coulter, previewing her event at the Constitution Center on October 25.

6:43 A longer video of surfaced show a woman shooting silly string at a police officer before he slaps her. 

7:10 Chris talks to Cara Blouin of Forearmed Productions, who is producing the Republican Theatre Festival at the Plays and Players Theatre from November 12-14.

8:10 Chris talks to Tom McGrath from the Philly Post about oppressive union rules at the Philadelphia Convention Center,  a beating at a local supermarket, and a woman intimately concealing dozens of viles of crack.

8:40 Chris talks to Senator Pat Toomey to preview tonight’s debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney.