PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Philadelphia Police lieutenant seen on video punching a woman following Sunday’s Puerto Rican Day celebration will be terminated, Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said Wednesday.

Lt. Jonathan Josey, of the Philadelphia Police Department’s Highway Patrol Unit, garnered national and even international attention when he was caught on camera allegedly punching 39-year-old Aida Guzman near 5th and Lehigh Avenue.

Moments after the assault, Guzman was taken away in handcuffs and cited for disorderly conduct for allegedly throwing a beer bottle during the disturbance.

A short clip of the original video – zoomed in on Guzman – shows her spraying silly string in the direction of police officers. None of the officers seem to notice, and none of the silly string appears to hit Lt. Josey. On Monday, Guzman said she did not shoot any silly string.

“I am an older woman. I am 39 years old. I don’t have time to be playing around or throwing water to be disrespecting another person,” said Guzman, speaking through her daughter who translated.

But on Tuesday, her lawyer, Enrique Latoison, said she did shoot silly string into the air, but did not aim at any of the officers.

Latoison said he intended to fight the charge of disorderly conduct, but on Wednesday, the District Attorney’s Office announced plans to drop those charges.

“In looking at the video and looking at the charges, clearly there was some discrepancies there. So, I’m not at all surprised in the … I’m rather pleased that they did decide to drop the charges. I think it’s appropriate in this manner,” said Commissioner Ramsey.

On Eyewitness News Wednesday morning, Ramsey indicated Lt. Josey could face criminal charges.

“Obviously, he could be criminally charged. The DA would have to make that decision.”

Ramsey said effective Thursday, October 4, 2012, Lt. Josey will be suspended for 30 days with the intent to dismiss.