By Melony Roy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The original social network is getting a brand new look.

Remember Myspace? The one-time top social site is being resurrected long after Facebook surpassed them as the world’s most popular social network back in 2008.

Former boy-bander and actor Justin Timberlake is at the helm as the public face and co-owner of Myspace.

Some of the changes aren’t exactly new to social media but revamped for Myspace and the company updated its music platform to resemble online music services like Spotify.

So would you go back to Myspace?

“Probably not, just the sheer number of people is what I’m looking for, that’s all. I don’t know if the crowds will fluctuate back to them [but if they do] then I will fluctuate back to them too,” says Matthew Hock.

“I do like Myspace because of the music. Some of my friends are still on myspace that are in to music,” Promise Kapp says.

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