By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Andy Reid has no reason to tell us the truth about the future of the quarterback position for the Philadelphia Eagles. He knows we can’t handle it.

There’s absolutely no way that Reid can see the games we’ve seen this year, and not be concerned about Michael Vick. There’s no chance that he hasn’t at least considered the notion of replacing Vick with rookie Nick Foles.

But he knows now, if he wasn’t sure before, it’s a mistake to tell us. We’ve got a reputation here in Philly of getting to that quarterback controversy place all on our own.

Reid cracked the window into his thoughts on the subject when he suggested that he’ll “evaluate” the quarterback position as the season progresses. Though he backtracked later on Monday, it’s tough to believe his first statement wasn’t true. If you’d asked Reid the same question about LeSean McCoy as starting running back, there’s little chance he’d mention anything about evaluation. The result, was of course, chaos.

Nick Foles seems like a more natural fit, in style at least, for the offense that Reid and the Eagles run. He’s a more accurate, conventional passer, which would likely benefit every other player on offense, at least on some level.

The problem is what switching to Nick Foles means; the Eagles will absolutely not win the Super Bowl this year. It means Reid is admitting that there’s no hope.

A switch to a rookie quarterback amidst a season that’s supposed to have championship aspirations would be a concession that those heights are unachievable. With a potential contract extension hanging in the balance, that would be a bold move by Reid.

Rookie quarterbacks don’t win Super Bowls. Ever. Not one time in the NFL’s history has that happened. It’s not to say it’s impossible, but it is to say it seems close to it. It’s true that one of the main reasons that a rookie hasn’t led a team to a title is because rookies don’t usually start for teams who have the kind of talent the Eagles do. They’re teams who have top ten picks because they weren’t very good the previous year. They’re teams who are in a position to grow at the expense of wins. But the experience that it takes to be a championship level quarterback can’t be understated.

If Reid decides that he absolutely can’t win a Super Bowl with Michael Vick, then his answer should be Foles. He doesn’t seem there yet, and understandably so.

Foles over Vick means closing the door on February in September, that’s a scary proposition. But when Andy Reid opened that window into his soul on Monday, he let us know he’s getting close to closing that door.

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