By Amy Feldman

By Amy E. Feldman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Going on vacation? What can you take from the hotel in good conscience and what is not yours for the price of the hotel room?

When former Punjabi Chief Minister Sardar Khosa left his post earlier this year and vacated the official governmental residence, he allegedly took with him all of the electronics, furniture, bedding, and cookware in the official mansion. Geez, I feel guilty taking those unused bottles of shampoo when I stay at the Holiday Inn. Come to think of it, what can you legally take with you from a hotel?

While hotels have their own policies on what guests may or may not bring home, in general the toiletries that are yours to use while you’re there are yours to keep if you don’t use them. Shampoos, conditioners, and body lotions if supplied in individual bottles are yours. If disposable slippers are provided, you may take those as well since they can’t be reused. And stationery and logo pens may also be taken with you.

But other items like towels and bathrobes are not to be taken home just because they’re not nailed down. Ditto for the coffee mugs and hair dryers. If they are missing, you will be charged.

And, it should go without saying that if you take the television or minirefrigerator, you can be charged with the crime of theft.

As for the new Punjabi Chief Minister, he’s probably going to want to buy a new bathrobe anyway.