By Jim Melwert

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — ATM fees are at a record-high, according to a new study. And that study finds, in Philadelphia, banks charge their own customers the highest fee in the nation for using a non-network ATM.

For the eighth straight year ATM fees are going up.

“Anywhere from three to seven dollars, it’s really ridiculous,” says a frustrated Deanne Chiverton from West Philadelphia. “It’s higher than gas prices, for real.”

A nationwide study from says in Philadelphia, the fee a bank charges its own customers for using another ATM is the highest in the nation, on average, just under $2. Add on the fee banks charge a non-customer for using its ATM, and the average total fee is about $4.50.

The study finds, for the first time, every bank polled across the country said they now charge non-customers a fee to use their ATMs.

And it finds free checking is becoming harder to find, but adds bank customers are more likely to shop around than in the past.