By David Madden

WEST CHESTER, Pa. (CBS) — A Chester County jury has convicted a man on 80 counts of theft and fraud — against his own parents and other family members.

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The Davis family had a successful heating oil business.

When parents Boyd and Nelda took ill years ago, their son, Boyd Jr., was granted power of attorney and, through various means, skimmed more than half a million dollars from their bank accounts.

“This is money that he probably would have gotten anyway, when his parents died,” notes Chester County DA Tom Hogan.  “It became clear to us that his parents just weren’t dying fast enough for him.”

The defense, which plans to appeal, says the case was really about whether the parents — both of whom have since passed on — were able to consent to how Boyd Jr. spent their money.

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“The issue wasn’t whether or not he was using their money and doing things with their money,” says defense attorney Evan Kelly.  “The issue was whether or not the parents cared.”

There is, by the way, a civil matter, unconnected to his case, with a $12-million judgment pending against Boyd Davis Jr.

DA Hogan doubts the family will see much in terms of restitution.


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