PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – When asked how many concussions he suffered in his career as a professional NFL football player for the Atlanta Falcons Tim Green had a hard time coming up with a concrete answer. “Honestly, more than ten. I don’t know. Somewhere between ten and twenty.” Tim Green hasn’t played professional football for some time now, but the risks for early onset dementia aren’t any less for him. If he is worried about any permanent damage, though, he is certain it was incurred during his time playing in the NFL and not as a student athlete. Which doesn’t deter him from letting his children participate in sports; and he doesn’t believe others should deny their kids the experience of athletics – with precautions, of course.

Today, Tim has moved on from professional football to become a best-selling author. He believes sports are important, but education is also important. In his interview with Buzz and Steve he refers to reading as “Weightlifting for your brain.” He has written more than two dozen books for adults. Tim started a series of best-selling novels for kids set in the world of sports.

Listen to the podcast to hear how in his latest book ‘Unstoppable’  pulls from his own family’s personal experience for the main character’s story.

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