5:40 Ryan Howard hit a homerun in the ninth inning to beat the Mets 3-2.

ryan howard Stigall Show Log 9.20.12

Ryan Howard (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

5:43 President Obama celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day yesterday.

5:45 Governor Tom Corbett was interrupted last night at a Town Hall meeting hosted by Talk Radio 1210’s Dom Giordano at the Art Museum.

5:48 The Made in America concert promoters paid the city for the entire costs of holding the event.

jay z Stigall Show Log 9.20.12

Jay-Z (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

5:58 Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC would not play a tape of the President discussing redistribution because she claimed it had not been authenticated. 

6:11 Two minutes of Mitt Romney’s speech at a fundraiser were omitted from what was released earlier this week.

6:16 Marc Leder, part-owner of the 76ers, is being labelled a vulture-capitalist after hosting the Mitt Romney fundraiser earlier this year.

6:42 Monica Lewinsky is pitching a tell-all memoir to publishers.

monica lewinsky Stigall Show Log 9.20.12

Monica Lewinsky (Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images)

7:10 Chris talks to Dom Giordano, whose town hall forum with Governor Tom Corbett was interrupted last night by protestors.

7:40 Chris talks to Senator Pat Toomey about the videos this week released of both Mitt Romney and President Obama.

8:14 Former Eagles Quarterback Vince Young is now broke.

8:16 Eagles Owner Jeffrey Lurie is no longer on the Forbes 400 Richest list.

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