By Larry Kane

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – New and dramatic numbers out just eight weeks away from Election Day.

There are still the debates, and lots of time, but now we know why Republican presidential candidate Governor Mitt Romney reversed himself yesterday and said he would keep some of Obamacare, if elected, because he gets surveys too.

The latest polls, including one just out, shows President Barack Obama in a lead beyond the margin of error. The Gallup tracking poll, with the largest sampling of voters and a margin of error of 2 percent, has Obama at 49, Romney at 44.

kane larry tight Analysis: President Obama Holds Lead In National Polls

(KYW’s Larry Kane)

One tracking poll released earlier, by Rasmussen, has Obama up by four points. Is this the so-called ‘bump’ from the Democratic National Convention, or a trend? The coming days will tell. But right now, the Romney team is searching for answers.

One target, in ads in swing states like Florida, is the cut in defense spending that his running mate Paul Ryan voted for. Romney is targeting national defense, the Obama camp Medicare in Florida.

Despite the new surveys, this race still has to be considered close and volatile.

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