By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A woman testified today about the terrifying, midday knifepoint attack in center city Philadelphia 2½ months ago that left her slightly injured and a police officer wounded.

Now, 48-year-old Keith Blake of South Philadelphia has been ordered held for trial in a case that could have been much worse.

The female victim, in a halting voice, said she had just parked her car in the 2400 block of Pine Street and her toddler son was still in the back seat when she was confronted by a man with a knife — a big knife, nearly 18 inches long — and attacked.

“He took the knife from over his head and brought it down towards her face,” says Philadelphia prosecutor Kathleen Shields.  “Fortunately, she said reflex caused her to lift her hand up in front of her face, so the knife ended up nicking her hand.”

She screamed, and a pedestrian who was nearby also screamed.  The woman says defendant Keith Blake ran and the pedestrian chased him, right into police at the corner.

Police say Blake literally ran into them, smashing one officer over the head with the knife, causing a wound that required 11 staples to close.  However, Blake was overpowered and apprehended.

Blake’s defense attorney says he is conceding nothing at this point.  Blake is expected to plead not guilty to two charges of attempted murder at his upcoming arraignment.