By Rick Grimaldi

by Rick Grimaldi – 8/29/12 –

There is nothing worse for an active person than to be house bound which is what I have been for most f this month. On the other hand as a political junkie this could be heavenly.

I have followed the build up to the Republican National Convention with more than my usual interest. Now of course I would rather be there, even with Isaac causing delays. However,` how often does one get to devote this much time. So what have I learned thus far?

This convention I think will be about showing the country that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are prepared to offer solutions for our current economic plight (This in contrast to the Democrats who as far as I can tell have nothing new to offer at this time). I think it will be positive and avoid personal attacks. Mitt Romney will hopefully present himself to the voters in a light much different than he has been portrayed by the opposition thus far. I think Chris Christie will deliver a powerful, Christie like, keynote, and Anne Romney will attempt to portray the human side of her husband. And of course, someone heretofore fore unknown on a national stage will wow everyone with a speech that will have people and pundits touting that person as a candidate in 2016.

I look forward to the pageantry of these conventions even if they only provide a marginal bump for the candidates and do not have the impact as they historically did. They are colorful and patriotic. It is our system on display. So I get to settle in (can’t go anywhere regardless) and enjoy the show. Stay tuned and I will check back in.