5:40 Ann Romney tells America that Mitt “does not like to talk about how he has helped others because he sees it as a privilege, not a political talking point.”

6:12 Chris talks with Josh Romney about his family and the upcoming election.

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6:40 Senator Rand Paul talks with Chris about his views on the RNC and the November election.

7:20 Made in America Festival in Philadelphia with headliner Jay Z is this coming weekend, but the city is not earning any money but rather paying for the concert.

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8:12 Author Bob Ingle talks to Chris about NJ Governor Chris Christie’s speech at the RNC. 

8:23 Chris speaks with Senator Jim Inhofe of Oaklahoma, on different types of energy resources our country has.

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8:44 Staples former CEO and founder Tom Stenberg talks with Chris about Mitt Romney’s characterics from first hand experience.