By Larry Kane

TAMPA, Fl. (CBS) – The fighting spirit that has brought him fame and enraged his adversaries was still there, but New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was different.

He was extremely personal as he weaved a mosaic of family connected to respect and love.

Christie had a terrific line in referring to family – “love without respect was always fleeting – but that respect could grow into real, lasting love.”

This sensitive speech was well accepted but certainly overshadowed every speech so far, which a keynoter is supposed to do.

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But that’s also why a keynote speaker makes the speech two nights before the candidate.

Ann Romney’s speech was also about her family and her relationship with her husband.

It was great political drama and quite personal

You could say both speeches were personal, not political, but Americans love families and people want to hear personal stories.

Now can Mitt Romney top all of that?

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