By Chris May

TAMPA, FL. (CBS) – We’ve just confirmed that Governor Mitt Romney will make an “unexpected” trip to Tampa tomorrow so he can watch in person as his wife Ann delivers a speech to the Republican National Convention. And how could he not? It’s a huge moment for her – and for him.

Frankly, the nominee’s arrival in town, even if brief, will be welcome news. This convention has gotten off to a less-than-inspired beginning. The speeches on Day 1 were cancelled – a reasonable choice given the potential threat of Tropical Storm (Hurricane?) Isaac. And while it was tremendous news that the storm didn’t land a severe blow on the convention city (it tracked farther west than first expected), it’s still left the Tampa area a hot, wet, generally miserable place to be.

We’ve been all over town with the delegations from New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and we have a date with Delaware tomorrow. But we’re ready for the Big Show to start.

We need Mitt Romney in Tampa.

We want Paul Ryan in Tampa.

And we can’t wait for Chris Christie to get up on stage and do his thing in front of 15,000 rabid partisans.

It’s going to be a show. And it feels long overdue.

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