By Lesley Van Arsdall

Yes, I know it’s only pre-season football, but I’m jumping on the Nick Foles bandwagon. He is the big topic among Eagles fans, and he should be.

After playing three great games, people love him, but Philadelphia fans seem to always have a thing for the backup quarterback. The funny thing is, however, that if Michael Vick can stay healthy, we might not see Foles take a single snap all season long.

The things that impress me the most about Foles – he’s steady, he’s confident, and he’s consistent. Foles faced the Browns defensive starters in Cleveland, and it didn’t faze him.

I’m not ready to give him the keys to the city just yet, but you better believe that if something happens to Vick, it will be Foles the fans will be calling for – not last season’s backup Mike Kafka.