By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It’s Hunter Pence bobblehead night at the Phillies tonight. One problem: the Phils traded Pence last month.

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Hunter Pence wears a San Francisco Giants uniform now, but all fans at Citizens Bank Park tonight will get a bobble figurine of Pence in a Phillies uniform. The giveaway was planned for months, so when Pence was traded on July 31, Phillies’ Director of Merchandising Scott Brandreth says the team had a decision to make.

“We kind of immediately talked with the sponsor, Liberty Mutual, and Hunter himself. We got him involved a little bit. And he was supportive — ‘I’d still like this to be given away. It’s a great honor.’  And I think it was pretty unanimous by us that we should give it away.”

Plus, Brandreth says the dolls were already in production.

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“A.) It’s on our schedule. We’ve told people that we were going to give it out and a lot of people have bought tickets for the game to get the item. And you know what?  It’s a collector’s item anyway even as it is. And now, maybe a little bit more of a collector’s item.”

Brandreth expects fans will still enjoy the long-planned bobblehead giveaway — even if Hunter Pence does wear a different uniform these days.

“He played here for, I guess a solid year, and he was a big part of the 102 wins a year ago. So, I think people still like him and they wish him well. So it’s a little collector’s piece of a small piece of Phillies history.”

Before now, the Phils had never given out an item tied to a traded player, but there is precedent:  the Indians gave away Victor Martinez bobbles in 2009, days after he was traded to the Red Sox.

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