By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Last week, I told my basketball-shoe-adoring friends Meech and Tzvi that I need to “up my shoe game.” Admittedly, I’ve been out of the basketball sneaker game for a while. My teenage years was the last time I really cared about what shoes I was wearing. From having a pair of the original Jordans (thanks uncle Eric) to Reebok Pumps, to the shoe that John Starks wore when he switched to Adidas.

If the price of the new Lebron James shoe from Nike is any indication, I will not be participating in any shoe game.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Nike will release a new Lebron X Nike Plus will cot $315, and will have embedded sensors that measure how high your vertical leap is. The Journal also reports that Nike is raising its clothing and shoe prices 10% across the board due to rising costs in labor, materials and shipping.

Although the “Plus” version of the shoe is $315, the regular model will cost $180.

The report Nike has told stores they will not be able to take pre-orders or allow midnight sales of the shoe.

I’m sure the shoes are amazing, but I don’t need to spend $300 to know that I can’t jump very high. For that price, they better actually increase my vertical leap. And also do my work. And also make me breakfast.

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