5:55 Chris will join Paul Ryan tomorrow at the American Helicopter Museum in West Chester. CLICK HERE to register for the event.

paul ryan2 Stigall Show Log 8.20.12

Paul Ryan Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images

6:20 Mitt Romney have pulled even with President Obama with young voters.

6:43 Mitt Romney’s Cockroack beat President Obama’s in the Presidential Cockroach Derby.

6:57 Peggy Noonan said yesterday that if Joe Biden were a Republican, the press would constantly focus on his mis-statements.

7:10 On this week’s Monday Morning Matchup, Chris talks to Michael Bronstein and Jeff Roe about Missouri Senate Candidate Todd Akin’s comments about rape and Paul Ryan joining Mitt Romney’s campaign.

8:10 Chris talks to Phillies Manager Charlie Manuel about Domonic Brown’s performance over the weekend against the Brewers and what he thinks about Hunter Pence bobbleheads being given away tomorrow night.

8:27 The lead plaintiff in the case against Pennsylvania’s photo ID law received her photo ID last week.

8:40 Chris talks to Chairman of the RNC Reince Priebus about next week’s Presidential nominating convention in Tampa FL.