RYE BROOK, NY (CBS) – According to The Journal News, two New York brothers are poo-pooing traditional advertising methods.

Twenty-two-year-old Jordan Silverman and his 18-year-old brother Bryan have a novel business plan: They want to print advertisements on toilet paper.

Yes, ads for things like cars and department stores could now grace the very stuff that graces your…well, you know.

But the brothers see their idea as a no-brainer. “Because of the fact that we’re in the bathroom, we’ve reached a really captive audience,” Bryan told The Journal.

dr caudle Brothers Business Idea Takes Reading In The Bathroom To A Whole New Level

Dr. Jennifer Caudle, Family Physician, Assistant Professor, UMDNJ-SOM (Credit: M & B Associates PR)

Captive audience or not, one Philadelphia area doctor has some health concerns about the idea. Dr. Jennifer Caudle, a family physician and assistant professor at UMDNJ-SOM, warns that hypoallergenic ink is a must. She says that with any product, especially one coming into contact with such an “intimate area,” allergic reactions are always a possibility, and that people with skin or general allergies would need to be aware of what chemicals were in the toilet paper before using it.

The Silvermans tell The Journal that their two-ply TP will be printed in soybean-based ink. The product is expected to make its debut in the Port Chester-Rye Brook Public Library this October.

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