By Jenn Bernstein

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Neighbors on Warrington Avenue got a shocking wake-up call early Thursday.

“Like four in the morning, I heard pop, pop, pop,” said neighbor Thomas Banks, who was jolted awake by the gunshots.

Banks says he looked out his window after he heard the commotion and watched a shootout ensue right outside his house.

“I saw four guys, two are running away from two others,” said Banks. “All of this happened in about ten seconds.”

Police say 22 rounds were fired on the street just before 4 a.m. Officers believe no one was injured, but seven cars were damaged by bullets. Police canvassed the neighborhood Thursday, collecting evidence–including leftover shell casings–and interviewing people to find out what they heard and saw.

Travis Parchman’s car was riddled with bullets.

“You can see that they must have been firing at each other,” said Parchman. “The reason why my car has got all sorts of bullets in the top of it is because they were ducking too low, and they were basically shooting skimming along the top of my car.”

Neighbor Kimberly Harris walked out to a damaged windshield.

“I woke up to a gunshot hole in my car, oh my gosh,” she said.

Harris is concerned about paying for the repairs.

“It’s a recession right now, and I can’t afford to get a whole new windshield in my car. I have three kids and it’s hard.”

She also tells us this neighborhood is generally safe.

Still, Harris is just relieved that no one was hurt: “I just thank God that it didn’t come in my household. I thank God that no one got shot, and that it was just a windshield.”

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