By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Today in Philadelphia, the Sixers will celebrate the arrival of the most talented center the team has had since Moses Malone, at a press conference that is open to the public.

Andrew Bynum’s talent has never been questioned. His health and his psyche, however, are a different story. His problems with his knees are well documented, as is his not-so-stellar behavior. One of those questioning the latter is one of the greatest players in Lakers history.

“Andrew [Bynum] has been up and down on [his commitment to winning],” former Lakers great Kareem Adbul-Jabbar told the LA Times. “There are times he wants to play, do a great job and he goes out and does it. Then there are other times where it seems like he’s not focused.”

Bynum will wear #33 for the Sixers, the same number Abdul Jabbar wore for the Lakers.

“When I first started working with [Bynum], he was eager to learn,” Abdul-Jabbar said to the LA Times. “He appreciated me shortening the learning curve. Once he figured he did everything he wanted to do in terms of learning, he didn’t want me to bother him constantly going over the fundamentals.”

Bynum immediately becomes the Sixers best player, and will be called upon to score more than ever. “It’s up to him to determine how much of a leader he wants to be and how to make that happen on the court. Some people like that position and adjust to it naturally,” Abdul Jabbar said.  “Other people aren’t comfortable with it.”

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