By Tim Jimenez

By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Summer vacations are winding down and the school year is set to begin soon. That means children and parents are going to have to readjust their sleep schedules.

Early to bed, early to rise (and starting now, rather than later) is the best way to get back to a school year sleep schedule, according to Drexel’s Sleep Center Director Dr. Joanne Getsy.

“Not wait until two days before school starts. If possible, several weeks before school starts, but definitely as soon as they possibly can.”

The most important tip, according to Dr. Getsy, is getting your kids up earlier than on a typical summer morning.

“And that goes for any age. Just get them up and send them outside. The reason to go outside is the sun is a very potent stimulus for the brain to wake up.”

It may be difficult, telling your kids to sleep earlier, especially with their summers passing by, but Dr. Getsy says doing it now will make for an easier transition.

“Again, the goal is for them to be miserable and cranky with you, instead of with their teachers.”

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