5:53 The Phillies fell to the Braves 12-6 last night.

5:58 Andy Reid returned to coaching the Eagles yesterday, one day after burying his son, Garrett.

6:10 Bill Burton, Head of a Super PAC supporting President Obama, defended an ad that blamed Mitt Romney for a women’s death from cancer.

6:15 Joe Soptic, the husband of the woman who died, admitted that she had health insurance, and that he was offered a buyout by Bain Capital.

6:18 Mitt Romney Spokesperson Andrea Saul tried to defend him by pointing out Massachussetts had universal healthcare.

6:19 Ann Coulter responded by saying Andrea Saul should be fired.

6:26 Others say Romney should stand by Andrea Saul to prove he is his own candidate.

6:40 Country Singer Randy Travis was arrested naked after being involved in a one car accident.

6:46 Albert Einstein Medical Center will stop using kittens and ferrets for practice by medical students.

  7:41 Chris talks to Congressman Charlie Dent about Mitt Romney’s chances of winning Pennsylvania.

8:27 Obama Campaign Spokesperson Stephanie Cutter defended the ad and that Romney played a key role in the acquistion of the steel worker’s firm that the ad focuses on.

8:48 Som conservatives are complaining that Andrea Saul’s defense of Mitt Romney using Romneycare will bring back doubts that many have always had about him.

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