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By Tony Romeo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Some state lawmakers are concerned about a proposal to tack a surcharge on parking tickets that currently sits on Mayor Nutter’s desk.

Just before summer recess, City Council passed a bill that would add a $4 surcharge to parking tickets, $2 of which would be used to offset additional costs shouldered by the Parking Authority when it took over regulation of taxi cabs.

During a hearing by state lawmakers on Parking Authority operations Tuesday, suburban Republican John Rafferty – chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee – questioned the plan.

“Why would I be encouraged to drive into Philadelphia to visit businesses or restaurants when I get hit with surcharges for other transportation usages that I don’t use? I mean, I would take the train in or I would just avoid going into Philadelphia.”

Mayor Nutter has until September to act on the surcharge bill but while he hasn’t promised a veto, he has said the measure is illegal because council lacks the authority to direct how Parking Authority revenues are spent.

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