By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Authorities say a first time offender who admitted buying guns for criminal acquaintances has been sentenced and the judge sent a strong message to him and other potential straw purchasers.

The defendant helped put an AK-47 assault rifle and four handguns on the streets of Philadelphia for just a couple hundred dollars.

Prosecutor Andrew Wellbrock says 24-year-old Christian Hall, who had no prior criminal offenses, has been sentenced to two to five years in prison by Judge Ellen Ceisler.

According to Wellbrock, Hall hit the radar screen of police and the Gun Violence Task Force when a gun registered to him turned up at a shooting scene and he confessed to buying it for someone else.

“He said that individuals he knew from around the Olney section of the city approached him and asked if he would buy them guns, hopped in a car with them, in one instance went to a gun show, then went to two different gun shops and then I believe went back to a gun show.”

Examples of an AK-47 (top), two Glocks (lower left and middle), and
an FNH (lower right). Christian Hall admitted to selling similar guns illegally. (Credit: Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office)

And Wellbrock says four of the five guns, including the AK-47 remain on the streets.