By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Could the US Postal Service soon become an entity of the past in this digital world? The organization could change, as its expected to default on payments to the US Treasury.

Dr. Andrew Shankman, associate professor of history at Rutgers-Camden, says the US Postal Service isn’t making the revenue it used to make:

“My understanding is that the post office doesn’t have the money to make this payment to the treasury. That’s not as dire as it sounds, apparently it’s a somewhat arbitrary deadline.”

But he says most likely, the US Post Office as we know it today is bound to change, and many people agree.

“I don’t see it going out of business, I see maybe some job loss because everybody’s going paperless so they do everything online.”

Does anybody write and mail letters anymore?

“No!  Email, texts. I mean, internet is accessable! No stamp, no standing in line, no aggrivation but I’d had to see them go, I will tell you that.”

Some folks tell me they do send cards on special occasions, but even that practice seems to be slowly replaced with internet e-cards.