PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Andy Reid spoke at Eagles training camp at Lehigh University today about a variety of topics.

On Eagles Injuries

“As far as the injuries go, [DE] Trent Cole would be the new addition to this list. He hurt his AC joint early in practice [on Monday]. I don’t even remember the play he hurt it on but it ended up hurting him at night. He got a hold of [head athletic trainer] Rick Burkholder and came back and got some treatment on it. It swelled up a little bit. We’ll see how many days it is that he is out. I can’t give you an actual time on it. [DE Jason Babin] is doing better, [TE Brent Celek] you saw out here running and he’s doing better, [WR Riley Cooper] is doing better and is comfortable right now, and then [S Phillip Thomas] with the hamstring is getting better. Look forward to getting the work in today.”

More on Trent Cole

“It is going to be day to day so we will just see how it goes. He’s got swelling in there so we tried to get it calmed down last night. Rick tried to get it calmed down last night and this morning it was swollen a little bit more than it was yesterday. He will keep working on it and once we get that swelling out then he will be back. It could be a day or it could be a week. You just don’t know.”

On new linebacker DeMeco Ryans

“DeMeco is playing faster now than he did when we first started out and that’s only because he is more comfortable. He’ll become even faster after more reps. Most of the installs are in on the defensive side so now he can kind of focus in on the offensive side; all the routes that have been put in and the things that you normally game plan for that you’re not able to do during training camp because you’re so busy installing your side of the ball. You don’t get too caught up with the other side.”

On whether or not he’ll shave his mustache

“He’s got enough hair right now that he can give it up [Chad Hall]. I’m just letting my mustache grow a little bit because I cannot grow my hair anymore.”

Quotes provided by the Philadelphia Eagles