By Nan Talleno

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Moving can often be an extremely stressful time. And it can be stressful for your dog and cat as well. The normal daily routine is greatly disrupted. The security of the familiar environment has been changed. This can cause anxiety and insecurity but it can also be easily transitioned successfully with patience, guidance and support.

Many times both dogs and cats get lost in the confusion as doors are left open while furniture and boxes are being moved. Your pet may feel frightened with all the activity and confusion and bolt out the door. Never assume that they won’t run away. Even a well-trained dog or a sociable cat may become frightened when a major change takes place in his/her home. Keep your pet in a safe area while the doors are open. If possible, as long as someone can care for them, take them over last, so that they can settle in without the chaos.

If you are planning to move but haven’t yet adopted an animal, do so only after you’ve moved, to make the transition to your home and family a lot smoother. A new dog or cat needs extra attention and time to adjust as it is, without the stress of a change in environment.

Most importantly be patient with your pet in the new home. Both dogs and cats can exhibit signs of stress and anxiety. To avoid this, keep your pet on the same routine in your new home. Avoid any change in schedules. And keep in mind: your dog or cat will always adapt and become quite content and comfortable in the new home as long as he/she remains safe and secure with you.

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