By Special Contributor Larry Kane

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – For Penn State, an unusual football season is weeks away.

The punishment includes millions of dollars and other severe sanctions. Some pundits had suggested a so called death penalty; a year or two without football.

Jeremy Jordan, who runs the sports industry research institute at Temple University, feels it would have been to harsh to cut out football and for the university to have voluntarily stopped the program.

“I think that it’s important for the University fabric and probably part of their ability to heal and move forward to not just say we can’t have football but let’s have football and do it a different way and this allows them to make changes. The death penalty really is something that reaches beyond the university.”

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State senator Tony Williams says that the legislature thought cutbacks would be too much.

“Many of us felt that there should be some kind of consequence to the university making the decisions that they did and covering up as they had, but that said, the larger population of victims, that being the students, those who were unattended consequences of the negative cover up that occurred in the university shouldn’t be further punished.”

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