5:40 Mitt Romney offended the British by questioning whether London is ready to host the Olympics.

Mitt Romney (Photo credit CARL COURT/AFP/GettyImages)

6:40 Chris talks to Senator Pat Toomey about the Senate vote on President Obama’s plan to extend the Bush Tax Cuts  for households earning less than $250,000.

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7:10 Chris talks to Steve Cordasco on Finance Friday about auditing the Federal Reserve and a push to break up big banks.

7:28 The Mayor of Boston said he does not want Chick-Fil-A to have any stores in his city.

7:40 Philadelphia’s firefighters union marched on City Hall to demand the city honor their contract.

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7:45 The Department of Agriculture has withdrawn an initiative to create Meatless Monday.

7:56 PETA is taking bets on when Senator Charles Grassley will die after voicing his opposition to the USDA’s Meatless Monday idea.

8:10 Chris talks to CBS 3’s Beasley Reece about the opening of the Olympics and Michael Vick selling his new line of clothes.

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Michael Vick (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

8:40 Chris talks to City Councilman Jim Kenney about his resolution condeming Chick-Fil-A and letter to their President, Dan Cathy, on his comments about gay marriage.