By Jay Lloyd

NEW YORK, N.Y. (CBS) — Not many things in life are free.  But as we continue our New York City getaway (see related story), we’re revisiting a storied cruise in New York harbor that doesn’t cost a dime.

I hadn’t cruised on the Staten Island Ferry in over 60 years, but here I am.  The bright orange boats that ply the harbor between lower Manhattan and Staten Island are still running and, since 1997, free for passengers.

As some visiting Australians (below) quickly found, it’s the best view in town.

“The view of New York City from the outside is very different than when you’re in it. It’s absolutely beautiful,” noted one woman.

staten island ferry aussies  jlloyd Jay Lloyds Getaway:  More From NYC    The Staten Island Ferry

(A group of women visiting from Australia enjoy the view of Lower Manhattan from the Staten Island Ferry. Credit: Jay Lloyd)


Another woman liked “seeing the Statue of Liberty, the fresh air, the scenery…”

The half-hour ride offers a breathtaking view of the statue and Ellis Island, the new World Trade Center, and a constant parade of large ships and pleasure boats moving between ocean and the bustling New York harbor waterfront.

On the other side, simply debark and reboard for the return trip.  Back in Manhattan, the ferry terminal area is awash in unique restaurants. Look for Stone Street and take your pick.


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