By Michelle Durham

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Some local folks are stepping forward with a unique idea to help Vets band together to help themselves and each other heal through music.

It’s called “Bands of Brothers” and co-creator, Reality TV Producer Stephen Holtzman says the online show will feature 12 veterans who will form three bands to compete against each other to raise money for charity on Veteran’s Day.

Holtzman says there’s another goal, too.

“To raise as much awareness as we can about PTSD, remove the stigma and connect these veterans directly with therapists that can help them.”

And to show veterans they are not alone. How pervasive is the problem in the Philadelphia area?  Veteran Services Representative for the Philadelphia Veterans Multi-Service & Education Center Tyrone Beech.

“Out of 10, probably 8 or 9. And I’m talking about those who have been in a combat zone around a lot of intensity.”

Sleeplessness, anger, anxiousness are hallmark signs of PTSD.

To apply to be part of the band go to:  — the application deadline is August 22nd.

For Veterans who need help with PTSD or other services: