By David Madden

TRENTON, N.J. (CBS) — Twenty-one New Jersey towns that had suspended issuing tickets generated by red light cameras can now send them out again, now that the lights have been tested and found to adhere to timing standards set by state law.

There had been concerns that the yellow lights were timed to meet federal rules, not the slightly different ones called for in a five-year pilot program for the cameras.

The 63 lights in question were retested, and all were found to be in compliance.

“NJ DOT had a feeling at the majority of these intersections, the two standards were going to coincide,” according to New Jersey Department of Transportation spokesman Tim Greeley.

But, to remind some of you of a bit of bad news: the cameras were allowed to continue snapping license plates even as towns stopped sending tickets out for the last month or so.  They’ll be in the mail shortly.

And this decision could put a halt to several lawsuits filed against towns seeking refunds on past violations based, it was argued, on the timing issue.