By Melony Roy

By Melony Roy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A local bar is using Facebook to catch patrons behaving badly.

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Eric Vesotsky, managing partner at Mac’s Tavern in Old City has taken matters into his own hands when it comes to people walking out on their tabs, by posting security camera images of the deadbeat patrons on Facebook.

“It’s gotten to the point where it happens way too often and people suffer staff, suffers and it lowers morale. It doesn’t make it a place where people want to come. It’s a detrimental effect all around.”

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And what happens when these people see themselves on Facebook?

“The first time people came back, they claimed it was a mistake. I somewhat believe them. I don’t love to do it, but I don’t have staff walking home with no money because an entire party they took the time to serve walked away.”

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When asked if he was afraid of being sued diming out deadbeats on Facebook, Vesotasky says he’s okay retaining counsel to stand behind what he believes in that he thinks majority of people would believe in.