By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – We’re getting a break from the extreme heat, but one state lawmaker took time Friday to remind seniors in Germantown what they should do when the summer swelter comes back.

Seniors at the Cliveden Nursing and Rehab Center were treated to water ice and helpful advice, for when the inevitable heat wave returns. The ‘beat the heat’ info session was organized by State Representative Rosita Youngblood, who says seniors will often cover up or wear sweaters even in sweltering heat.

“The body temperature is lower and they feel cold so therefore they don’t open their windows or cut on the air, which can cause overexposure to heat and kill you. You can have a heat stroke.”

A pharmacist was also on hand to answer questions about drug interactions and the need to avoid the sun while on some meds.

Youngblood says one of the most important things seniors can do is to find a buddy to check in on them in hot weather.