By Mike DeNardo,

VOORHEES, N. J. (CBS) – A Cherry Hill lawmaker is helping kids to learn about healthy food choices.

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“We all tell you that green food is really, really good for you. If you’re going to choose something, choose green, right?” says assemblywoman Pam Lampitt.

Lampitt, a mom, legislator and trained chef, teaches children about healthy eating, during a session at the new Virtua Hospital in Voorhees.

“I think that children help to drive what people, what parents [and] guardians, go out and actually shop for. I think if we start showing them, they’ll go to the grocery store and say, ‘You know what, Mom? I really want that snap pea instead of that potato chip,'” explains Lampitt.

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Lampitt says children, and even adults, are more intimidated by healthy food than they need to be.

“We’re going to try to take this show on the road. I’m trying to influence those within the food industry within New Jersey, the restaurant association, the food council, that we’ve got mobile eye care units. We’ve got mobile dental care units. Why shouldn’t we be having mobile food units?” Lampitt says.

8-year-old Luke Hatch of Marlton says he’ll try to eat healthier now, and he’s going to try to stay away from, “cake [and] popsicles.”

Lampitt says she was impressed when Luke could identify the herbs she held up, as basil and rosemary.

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