By Tim Jimenez and Anne-Marie Green

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CHERRY HILL, Nj. (CBS) — Many matinée moviegoers at the Loews Theater in Cherry Hill, New Jersey had the shooting in Aurora, Colorado on their minds on Friday.

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It’s supposed to be a place to escape reality for a few hours, but on Friday morning, reality, even from hundreds of miles away, was impossible to ignore.

“You would think it would be a safehaven,” says Lawrence, who was waiting to see The Dark Knight Rises with his son. “But it just lets you know that no place is ever safe.”

“I just don’t understand the mental capacity of somebody just to do some horrific thing like that,” says Emilio Gonzalez from Camden. He was also planning to see Batman with his son.

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“This is a 24 seat movie theater, says Greg, who came with his wife to see another movie. So, yeah, it could happen anywhere.”

And Jeannette, taking her three young kids to see Ice Age says the shooting was on her mind, but she didn’t want to scare her children.

“I haven’t really got into detail with them about this incident today,” she says. “Because I didn’t want to plant the seed before we go into the theater.”

And even though Jeannette and others said they would be more vigilant, they say they didn’t want fear to take over, a full parking lot serving as evidence that it wasn’t.

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