By Diana Rocco and Todd Quinones

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – “I am very thankful that this predator is off the street,” said district attorney Seth Williams.

Thirty-three-year-old Carlos Figueroa-Fagot turned himself in less than 48 hours after an attack on a 10-year-old south Philly girl as she walked to her father’s house on South Lee Street.

He was escorted out of the Special victims Unit in cuffs Thursday afternoon.

Police say he is the man seen attempting to abduct the 10-year-old girl in front of her dad’s house Tuesday.

“With this information out there and some discussion with-in his family, he felt he [should] not walk, talk or breathe out there on the streets,” captain John Darby said at a press conference at Police Headquarters.

Mounting pressure from family and a church pastor forced Figueroa-Fagot to contact investigators after police made the video public.

Her parents are grateful their little girl fought back, and that the ordeal is over.

“She was like, almost did a cartwheel when she found out they apprehended the guy,” said the girl’s father, Chris Payne.

“I cheered, I screamed. I’ve never been so happy all my life,” said the girl’s mother, Joanne Payne.

Eyewitness news obtained video of the suspect’s car being towed early this morning, which lead to his arrest hours later at his 8th and Alleghany home, where neighbors say he lives with his girlfriend and her daughter.

Figueroa-Fagot is known to police for having prior arrests in Puerto Rico from 2000 to 2006. Last year, he was arrested in Philadelphia after allegations of sexual abuse by one of his family members. Those charges were dropped in July.

“That was an allegation made by a family member. At the preliminary hearing both the girl and her mother repeatedly told my assistant district attorney that she made the story up,” Williams said.

Figueroa-Fagot has been charged with a number of felonies including attempted kidnapping and corrupting the morals of a minor.

Police are still investigating to see if there are any other victims out there.