By Jim Melwert

By Jim Melwert

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A new study says there’s a rise in road rage – and it points the finger at on-the-job stress and workers are being asked to take on more responsibilities.

Three out of five people say they experience road-rage, and, the new study finds 1-in-10 say they actually got in a fight.

That’s a surprise to Bob Clearfield from Elkins Park, Pa. who says, sure he gets angry behind the wheel, but he keeps it behind the wheel:

“Just have to count to ten, relax and – besides, you may start a fight you may not win. Never start anything you can’t finish.  You don’t know who’s going to get out, it could be a football player.”

For some, even if they try to stay calm, there are times they just can’t help getting angry:

“Sometimes, only if there are knuckleheads driving in front of me, when people don’t concentrate on the driving, it’s frustrating.”

The survey was commissioned by CareerBuilder, it says on-the-job-stress is a likely contributor to the increase in road rage. 

Maybe a connection, 30-percent admit say they still text or email while driving to and from work.

The survey though, also says there’s a gender gap. It finds more women experience road rage, 61-percent, compared to 56-percent of men.