By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A new service aims to answer the question of what should happen to a Facebook page after its owner dies. It allows loved ones to create a digital gathering place to remember.

When a member passes away, Facebook offers to move their profile to “memorial” status where people can still post comments and photos.

But Evertalk allows you to create a fitting tribute.

“Choose your graphic design, there are a number of templates you can choose from, and also send notifications to your friends and family to let them share their own photos of that person as well as share their memories in the guestbook,” says Russ Hearl, founder of Evertalk.

It’s a Facebook app, and Hearl says paid publishers can start a page for anyone who has died. Also, Evertalk pages have been created by fans to memorialize celebrities such as Steve Jobs, Whitney Houston, Nora Ephron, and Rodney King.

“It also allows you to accept secure donations to help pay for memorial services or to go toward the charity of your choice.”

See Evertalk here.