By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Dylan DeVlieger, a painting major at the Tyler School of Art at Temple University wanted to grow his own vegetables, but wasn’t able to get a community garden started near his Philadelphia apartment, so he created mobile garden carts instead. He built two wooden beds about 4 by 3 feet or so, with giant wheels on the bottom. He was able to park them outside at Tyler, where his mini crops of peas, beans, tomatoes and squash got plenty of sunshine, and on cold nights in early spring, he could even wheel them inside the school to protect his growing veggies from frost.

As he points out, cart gardens give apartment dwellers without a yard a way to grow fresh vegetables, and since college students move around a lot, a mobile garden can go with them. Now, DeVlieger’s moving to Georgia to farm on a larger scale, and donating his rolling beds to one of Philly’s community gardens.

Because community gardeners don’t own the ground they till, if something happens or the land gets sold, they can always roll these mobile gardens to a new spot.

Want to build your own? Take a look at what he built and if you’re handy you can likely figure it out, or maybe get in touch with Temple for more information: