By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – There are two questions that are most important in deciding whether the Phillies should trade Cole Hamels before the July 31st deadline.

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First, “can the Phillies make the playoffs?” Second, “can the Phillies realistically re-sign Hamels?” The first question is now all but answered, but the second is still in doubt.

It doesn’t sound like Hamels is ruling anything out.

When asked if Hamels could see himself returning to the Phillies even if they were to trade him:

Of course! That’s something I would never doubt, because of the situation [with the team struggling] and us obviously not being at the front of the pack. I can always leave and come back. When a team gets rid of you, I don’t think anybody looks at it as a slap in the face. I know Cliff didn’t. He pretty much showed the prime example of getting traded off before a [full] season and then coming back. I think that’s always a great possibility.   

It’s an organization and I understand the business side and I won’t be offended. I think you need to know your players and because I think I’ve been here long enough, I think [the front office] pretty much understands my personality and they know that if something had to arise, I wouldn’t be offended and I still would give them the benefit of the doubt and come back, because this is one of the best organizations I’ve ever seen. It has the best fan base I’ve ever seen. It’s a great place to play baseball and there are a ton of great guys to play baseball with.

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via Cole Hamels On His Future With The Phils by Leslie Gudel on CSN Philly

Though it seems ideal for the Phillies, trading Hamels and then re-signing him after the season seems like an unlikely scenario. Hamels’ price would almost certainly be higher if he was signed as a free-agent, as opposed to extending him during the season.

What do you think? Should the Phillies trade Hamels and try to re-sign him after the season?

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