By Diana Rocco

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Sixteen-year-old Nafis Scott of Germantown was arrested and taken into custody after opening fire on two other teens.

Police say Scott shot a 17 and 19-year-old in the leg following a neighborhood dispute that began last month.

“You have five or six thousand people on the street. I’m not going to let some little (expletive) negatively impact the image of this city,” Mayor Nutter said from a news conference he called at City Hall to talk about the event.

The incident played out on JFK Boulevard, a few blocks away from the Welcome America! festivities on the Parkway.

An officer witnessed the event and returned fire on Scott, after police say he turned his weapon on them. Scott was grazed in the chest with one of the officer’s bullets.

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Officials say they had all available officers deployed all over the city, but the violence has people who live on the Parkway concerned about the upcoming Jay-Z, Pearl Jam Concert Series that is sure to bring thousands back to Center City.

John Burke and his wife Carol say they don’t like the crowds. “We’re gonna get out of town for this Labor Day event. This whole area goes into grid lock.”

“I think that one particular incident is what’s going on in this city,” says Dimka Braswell

Police commissioner Ramsey says they are not sure how they will handle the Labor Day Event.

“We’ve not yet begun to plan. The fourth of July was a major undertaking. I haven’t thought that far ahead yet,” Ramsey said.
Police have charged Scott with two counts of aggravated assault, assault on a police officer and fire arms violations.

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