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By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Ooooh….ahhhhh! The best flower displays are like great fireworks shows – lots of color all at once and too much is never really enough.

This year, our weather rushed many shrubs and perennials to burst into bloom early and forced lots to flower all together, creating a spectacular show – some of the best floral fireworks many of us have ever seen.

But you know how dark and empty the sky looks after the fireworks finale? That’s how a lot of gardens look about now, with lots of dark green areas where you’re looking for bright color. So why not continue the show with extra annuals? If you hurry, you can still find plenty of annuals in garden centers this time of year, so get them before they’re gone.

Tuck some extra annuals in between deadheaded perennials in garden beds; add a few hanging baskets on shepherd’s crooks beside shrubs that have finished flowering, and put out more planters of overflowing annuals here and there, to keep continuous color going in your garden long after the Fourth of July.

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