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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Graffiti Bar, on Washington Square West, has been mentioned in Travel and Leisure magazine!

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“We were actually voted to have one of the best outdoor spaces in America,” says Michael Wirzberger, the bar’s general manager (top photo).

Wirzberger explains that Graffiti Bar is part of Sampan restaurant, and they offer the same menu there.

What does he want people to know about Graffiti Bar?

“I want people to know we are located behind Sampan.  You can get here by accessing it through an alley on the side of the restaurant, or through the restaurant itself.”

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Over at the Garces Trading Company, 1111 Locust Street in center city, beverage manager Brandon Thomas has whipped up something unique:

“We started a full line of carbonated, bottled cocktails.”

(Brandon Thomas of Garces Trading Company, holding some of their new carbonated cocktails.  Credit: Hadas Kuznits)

So far, Thomas says, there are three flavors: Americano (like a Campari and soda with sweet vermouth), Pompino Fresco (translation, “cucumber chilled” — Cuarvo tequila, elder flower liquor, cucumber juice, celery juice, lemon juice), and The Avenue 1111 (Tanqueray gin with house-made ginger beer and housemade lime cordial).

“We do them in 187-ml champagne bottles, and we carbonate them in-house,” Thomas says.

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Meanwhile, city representative Melanie Johnson reminds all you foodies to enjoy the “Taste of Philadelphia,” at Penn’s Landing through July 1st:

“Taste of Philadelphia is part of the ‘Wawa Welcome America’ festival.  A lot of the restaurants in Philadelphia and around the region come out so that people can sample what they’re selling.”

(Philadelphia city representative Melanie Johnson. File photo by Hadas Kuznits)


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