By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A former Philadelphia police officer is in jail even as he appeals his conviction on charges of indecent exposure and official oppression, in connection with a case in which he was acquitted of rape (see related story).

The judge has allowed house arrest pending appeal, but 28-year-old Keith Corley will be in custody for a couple of weeks until the electronic monitoring can be set up.

Corley was taken into custody after the judge rejected a defense request to reduce the 3-6 month sentence imposed last week.

Corley admitted at trial that he had had sex with a woman in his police car but, countering the women’s testimony, said it was consensual.

Philadelphia prosecutor Catherine Thurston, who had argued for the maximum sentence of two to four years,opposed the defense request for a sentence reduction.

“The defendant’s behavior had a profound impact not only on the complainant in the case, but also the community as a whole and the criminal justice system,” Thurston told KYW Newsradio.  “The general public depends on police officers to protect them, and it is only reasonable that the next time they are asked to cooperate with police or the criminal justice system, they will think twice because of the behavior of this defendant.”

The defense had argued for probation for the officer because he is a first-time offender.