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By Ian Bush

By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Apple and Microsoft have had their time in the spotlight this month; yesterday, it was Google’s turn to show off new devices. And those augmented reality glasses got some dramatic face time.

“Who wants to see a demo of Glass?”

On stage at Google’s event in San Francisco, co-founder Sergey Brin showed off Google Glass, with skydivers streaming live video and audio from the glasses as they jumped to the venue roof.

“It has a display, so I can see visual information right now — images, video. It has a camera to capture picture and video also.”

“Glass as a whole is designed to be close to your senses, but not blocking them.”

Creator Babak Parviz and lead designer Isabelle Olsson modeled the frames, which have a touch panel on one arm and a transparent screen over an eye. Google envisions putting search and other information within sight. They’re out early next year for developers with a $1500 price tag.

The company also demoed its own tablet, the Nexus Seven, with a seven-inch screen; it’s smaller and lighter than the iPad, and matches the Amazon Kindle Fire with a $200 cost.

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